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                             Clients' Testimonies

I have been lucky enough to have worked with some amazing clients. Ranging from a jewellery designer , an aspiring writer,  the CEO of a sale solution company etc. Below are some of their testimonies:

Aspiring Writer

.......Monica is a fantastic coach. She really helped me find clarity about which direction I would like my writing career to take and which opportunities i should be pursuing. Having struggled with procrastination, she helped me set weekly goals to ensure I was always moving in the right direction towards my goals. Our sessions really were invaluable.......'


Sales & Marketing Director

………….I started Clemfield Sales Solution in 2010. The company was doing really well and had its first client within a few days of its incorporation.

I got married not long after and decided to return to working for someone else for a short period of time. However, I ended up working for the company longer than I had planned. During that time, I lost focus, was not happy in my role and I was desperate to return to running my own company. But I was very apprehensive knowing that it was going to be a major transition.

I had heard about coaching from my acquaintances and Exhortation was recommended to me.

In 2013 after a number of sessions with Exhortation, I was motivated and started focusing on the business again and moving it to where it should be……….

Jewellery Designer

…………I am the founder and designer at Dapri jewellery.  For some time, I had been looking to grow the business and enlarge my client base. I met Monica at a charity event where I was showcasing my jewellery collection. During the event I talked about my aspirations and goals for Dapri. Monica explained that as a coach she was well placed to help me achieve my goals and aspirations.

Working with Monica was really amazing, she was very quick to key into my potential and pushed me to achieve my very best. Most importantly, she’s a God fearing woman and who better to have as a coach than someone who wants nothing than to see you succeed…..

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