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Exhortation Coaching offers a 20 minute free consultation where we provide the potential clients with information on what our coaching involves and to explain the structure of the sessions.

Most importantly, the free consultation is also an opportunity for the potential client to explain what their situation is and why they require a coach and what they are looking to achieve.


After the initial 20 minute consultation, the client has the option of purchasing the packages:


***The coaching sessions are on line via WhatsApp, Skype & Zoom.

 1-on-1 sessions

8 weeks one hour sessions

However, some clients have been known to extend beyond the 8 weeks duration.

Cost: Contact us to discuss using the contact page.

Group sessions

8 weeks one hour  sessions

This package are for those that prefer interaction sessions with others and can consist of a group of friends journeying together.  The maximum number of intake is 5 people.

Cost: Contact us to discuss using the contact page.


Other Services provided include: 

  • Corporate Events  

  • Corporate away days

  • Team Coaching











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