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              Week 1


Developing a rule of Life and will touch on the follwoing:

- Reading the bible

- Praying

- Journaling

              Week 2


Different methods for interpreting the bible using:

- Exegesis & Eisegesis methods

- Interpreting in Context

- Rightly dividing the Covenants

              Week 3


Addressing who God is and will touch on the follwoing:

- Characters of God

- God's Righteousness

- The 10 Commandments

              Week 4


Terms of the Old and New Covenant:

- Issues with Old Covenant

-New Covenant/The Cross

- Life in the Spirit

             Week 5


We'll address the person of the Holy Spirit and the important role He plays in our life:

- Walking in the Spirit

- Fruit of the Spirit

- Gifts of the Spirit


              Week 6



To hear feedback and experiences so far 


                 Week 7


This session will address believers' identity in Christ:

- Who are we in Christ

- What's our inheritance in Christ

- The Anointing of Kings & Priest

- Jesus' High Priestly Ministryv

                  Week 8


This is part 2 of our teaching on our identity in Christ .

- God sees us in the Spirit

- Christ's High Priest Ministry

                  Week 9

We will address Sin in the flesh:

- What's sin in the flesh

- Condemnation & guilt

- Battlefiled of the mind

- Understanding our Righteousness in Christ Jesus

               Week 10


We will address condemnation

 - What is it ?

- What part does the Law play ?

 - How does it affect our faith walk

- How has Jesus dealt with it on the Cross

               Week 11


 We will address Holy Communion.

- What are the benefits?

-  What are the contraversy surrounding it?

             Week 12


We will address praying in Tongues

 - What is it and how was it birthed

-- What are the benefits?

- What are the contraversy surrouding speaking in tongues?

              Week 13

We will address Spiritual Warefare & Amour of God

-Being strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might

- The pieces of the armour

- When and how to wield them

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